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Education is becoming more and more about innovation and human capital development, these as key components elements of competitiveness in the global economy. The education apparatus in Mexico has yet to be modernized, the 2013 Education Reform is a great opportunity to achieve this. In order modernize, it requires the secondary legislation to be bold and education authorities to be executive.

The ideas and thesis here presented, points to the citizen engagement in the educational process: the institutionalization of the role of Parents in education in Mexico. We propose to focus the education service in the student, as the rightful beneficiary of the education system.

The education divide seems to place on the one side the teachers and on the other the rest of the society. This is a contradiction to any development plan. It is important to change the discourse towards talent development and the human capital development. Motivation is a key component of any human process, there ought to be dynamism in the education process: a great teacher can be a good school principal, a great school principal can be a good supervisor. A great supervisor can be a great superintendent. In education, as in every other, sector we should reward performance. The educational system needs to be dynamic. Human capital development is dynamic in nature.

Innovation has touched almost every industry in Mexico; education might be the greatest exemption. Nowadays management is based in lean and transparent systems. That is the proposal contained in the thesis of School District implementation in Mexico. We point to reliable management units in charge of the education policy and the educational model management.

“Education in Mexico is going to change one School District at the time”

We value ideas, feedback and different opinions. Change in education is to be made by everyone involved. Welcome!